ProviderSelect: MD

Essensa’s solution for controlling costs and accelerating performance in physician offices.

Effectively managing physician office operating expenses can make the difference between just
getting by and thriving financially. Operating expenses include variable cost items such as medical supplies, pharmaceutical supplies (including vaccines), office supplies, purchased services, and more.

The better managed the physician office operating expenses, the more profitable the practice.

ProviderSelect: MD is the nation’s largest physician group purchasing program. Our comprehensive contracts and services have empowered physician practices by:

  • Reducing clinical and non-clinical costs
  • Facilitating contract optimization
  • Improving administrative functions

What makes ProviderSelect: MD different?

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Measurable savings, typically 15% for most physician practices

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Highly competitive contract pricing, leveraging $60 billion annual purchasing volume through Essensa’s parent company, Premier

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Hands-on customer care, including account management, purchasing analysis, auditing, and more

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A comprehensive portfolio of market-leading suppliers that will improve your practice’s financial performance and operational efficiency

Our comprehensive purchasing portfolio

The ProviderSelect: MD purchasing portfolio is curated specifically for independent physician practices and medical groups who seek trusted and creative ways to maximize cost-efficiencies while delivering quality patient care. It includes:

  • Medical/Surgical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

Anchored by our distribution agreement with McKesson Medical-Surgical, ProviderSelect: MD offers:

  • A full line of medical/surgical supplies and equipment
  • Brand name and generic pharmaceuticals
  • Vaccines
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Office Products and Equipment

Access to hundreds of contracts including:

  • Office supplies
  • Copiers and fax machines
  • Computer supplies
  • Filing supplies and systems
  • Uniforms
  • Exam room furniture
  • Practice Administration

Administer your practice more efficiently by accessing significant savings in dozens of categories, including:

  • Express shipping
  • Insurance services
  • Background check services
  • Cellular telephone
  • And more!

Joining the ProviderSelect: MD program is easy and risk-free. Join now or fill out the form below and an Essensa representative will contact you directly.

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